Pewaukee, WI


Jordan Larson and his crew did an amazing job on a huge project for a duplex. Jordan was super easy to deal from the quoting process to the final installation and payment.

I called a few different vendors and had Jordan come out on short notice – he came with various samples to show, go through in detail the exterior and all of the items that needed to be done and providing years of insight and experience. The sales approach wasn’t pushy and really educational compared to the other vendors that were pushing a product or top dollar and then would play the slash down price.

They are in-demand during summer so after booking, it was around 8 weeks until the crew got to the project (it was on track – that was the original timeframe that was provided and there were no delays). Jordan called a few weeks out to confirm that we are all set for the dates and the material being ordered is correct. I received another curtesy call a couple days in advance to remind the tenants and neighbors of the project.

I came home to all of the original siding taken down to the structure on 2 sides of the house within one day. They are detailed and quick – Larson was shooting for 2-3 weeks for completion whereas other places were 4-5 weeks.

The employees were very professional and respectful to deal with and to the neighbors (a few mentioned how nice they were and wanting their information for future projects). From 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday there was a crew of 4 people working on taking down all of the rotted cedar to the bare structure, disposing of it, insulating the exterior, Tyveking the whole house (and taping the seams, putting up new trim, new vinyl siding in 2 colors and 2 styles, new gutters, soffits, and facia.

Each day the crew went through to make sure to pick up any trash, roll the yard and walkways with a magnet for loose metal, and put their equipment in a safe and non-disturbing area.

The project was done before I could appreciation how huge this project was. It was a complete overall of the exterior of a duplex that was completed in less than 2 weeks.

I HIGHLY recommend Larson Building Services to anyone and everyone. Definitely have my future business!


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